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Non Chinese Speaking Kindergarten children face huge difficulties while learning Chinese in Hong Kong. To solve this issue, we work with the Education University of HK, the HK Polytechnic University, the Hong Kong University and also NGOs- Hong Kong Christian Service to develop a holistic model that synergizes the capacity of different stakeholders.

Through the provision of cross sectoral collaboration, we aim to enhancing the Chinese proficiency of Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) children in local kindergartens and facilitating their early integration to the community.


在港的非華語幼童在學習過程中面對着不少困難, 為解決此問題, 本機構聯同香港教育大學、香港理工大學、香港大學及香港基督教服務處, 共同發展一套完善的教學模式供本地幼稚園試行。透過跨界別合作, 希望就讀本地幼稚園的幼童能加強中文能力及融入社區。

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