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H.K.S.K.H Outreaching team for Multi-cultural community

  • To connect the needy EMs with mainstream welfare services

  • To improve EMs’ problem solving skills

  • To strengthen EMs’ family cohesiveness

  • To enhance support network of EMs for their early integration into the local community

  • To establish network with community organisations, religious organizations, schools and welfare service units for effective delivery of service

  • To mobilize EMs and local residents in pursuit of social inclusion and racial harmony

  • 聯繫有需要的少數族裔人士使用主流福利服務

  • 提升少數族裔人士解決個人困難及問題的能力

  • 加強少數族裔家庭的凝聚力

  • 加強少數族裔的支援網絡,使其盡早融入社區

  • 建立網絡聯繫社區組織、宗教團體、學校及社會務單位,以助有效提供服務

  • 推動社會不同族裔間樂融共處