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Our Community of
Love & Mutuality

 Nurturing Cultural Diversity & Community Legacy in Kwai Chung(III)

第三階段「小區濃情」-葵涌多元文化社區傳承計劃 (III)」繼續以「共融館」及屏麗徑為核心,並透過進行「葵涌更『梯』」一公眾樓梯美化工程,及「上落。片刻」一葵涌梯間改造方案,分階段為公眾樓梯進行創意改造,將本為社區訪病的葵涌樓梯「化劣為優」,增加華裔及南亞低收入街坊的互相交流性,豐富葵涌區的地貌,令葵涌成為具獨特性的社區。


For the third phase of the project "Our Community of Love & Mutuality"- Nurturing Cultural Diversity & Community Legacy in Kwai Chung (III), besides continuing the core services of Kung Yung Koon & Ping Lai path, we will implement stairs beautification and transformation works to optimize the stairs in Kwai Chung by phases.


Giving a colourful landscape to Kwai Chung district by increasing the interactions of low-income families with diversed ethnic backgrounds, to make Kwai Ching an unique district.

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